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Bessie Probiotic Milk Powder


Its health benefits are as follows:
1. Provide complete nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins of natural milk;
2. Rebuild and maintain the balance of flora in the intestinal system;
3. Relieve intestinal dysfunction and improve intestinal function;
4. Enhance the ability to digest and absorb nutrients, nourish the stomach and relax the intestines;
5. Promote metabolism and enhance intestinal detoxification function, eliminate or improve constipation and diarrhea;
6. Adjust lactose discomfort and help solve food-borne health problems;
7. Help resist and relieve various allergic symptoms;
8. Help adjust the impact of digestive problems on body weight;
9. High milk calcium is easy to absorb, helps bone health and has obvious sleep aid effect;
10. Improve body immunity and health level;

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Bessie instant probiotic milk powder is one of the leading products of Yo Mama’s probiotic series of health products.
Bessie milk powder raw materials are strictly selected, using high-quality natural milk from free-range dairy cows in Wisconsin in the northern Great Lakes region of the United States as raw materials.
Using the latest low-temperature drying technology, preserves the perfect taste of natural high-quality milk.
Bessie milk powder has complete nutritional components. In addition to higher content of milk protein and calcium ions, it is also rich in vitamins A, C, E, vitamin B, and contains a variety of minerals. All natural ingredients, without any additives and fillers.
Bessie probiotic milk powder adopts the scientific formula of high-quality raw cow milk powder and 11 kinds of active probiotics, making natural high-quality milk a functional healthy food.
A glass of milk with 11 active probiotics has a completely different meaning to life than regular organic milk.
Bessie probiotic milk not only provides a definite milk choice for people with lactose intolerance, but also plays a significant role in maintaining and improving intestinal health, relieving a variety of unhealthy intestinal symptoms, and enhancing personal immunity.


30g, 454g(1lb)


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